California Academy of Science Free Days This Weekend!

I’ve been rather busy with work this week, so much so I can’t post as much as I want. But I wanted to make sure everyone knew about this great piece of news – the California Academy of Science will be FREE to anyone in the 94122, 94116, 94127, and 94132 zip codes Sept. 11-13. This is part of the Academy’s ongoing series of free weekends, each time focusing on a few ZIP codes in San Francisco. Follow the link to check for eligibility requirements – you have to have ID or something else that simply proves you are indeed a resident of said ZIP codes. Enjoy!
Also, here’s a fun fact – the guy who designed the logo for the Academy is also the guy who designed the logo for the recently departed Culture Bus. No kidding!
Enjoy the weekend!

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3 Responses to California Academy of Science Free Days This Weekend!

  1. Jim Herbst says:

    Thank you so much for this post about the free day at the Academy! I never would have known about it without your post. Just one more reason why I follow The N-Judah Chronicles religiously!

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    hey thanks! it’s been kind of a stressful week with work and stuff and I haven’t been able to post like I wanted, heck I missed out on the minor accident on the N just outside my home this morning…so thanks for the kind words!

  3. @makfan says:

    Also want to let you know I appreciate this post. My neighborhood is up next weekend, and I will be in town for a change to take advantage of it! Yay.

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