One Heck of a Way to Start The Weekend…

Today’s not been a good day for Muni. This morning we had a car wreck at 6th and Irving on the N. Then later, a big truck jacknifed at 19th and Judah. Then, it seemed things were ok, but now, we’re in the middle of a meltdown once again. UPDATE: Theoretically all is well now. Fingers crossed and wood knocked.
This is one of those Fridays where if you can take your time getting home, do so. Go see a friend for a coffee or a cocktail. Maybe check out some store or park you’d been meaning to. Just don’t expect anything to get fixed anytime soon.
As always, I’m retweeting updates at Twitter, when I can. Feel free to tweet or text or email any craziness you see out there, or post away in the comments. Either way, take a breath, relax, and just accept this is the reality of Muni these days….

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  1. Matt says:

    As of 6:05 pm, I’m looking out my window on Carl St and the N is still totally clustered from Church tunnel to Cole Valley – fire trucks, trains stopped in/out of the tunnel, shuttle buses not knowing whether they should take passengers or not, MUNI employees more or less standing around, as usual – it’s a complete disaster.
    So normal, more or less.

  2. Karena says:

    I checked NextMuni at 2:30 for the next inbound N and got an estimate of 58 minutes, so I ended up taking the 71 Noriega downtown. What a pit of a bus. We were packed to the gills with people who abstain from bathing in addition to fare evaders all along Haight Street. I decided to avoid the N altogether and waited 20 minutes for a 16BX to get home and it was more crowded than usual. At least this bus didn’t reek. Mommy needs a cocktail now.

  3. Rabbit says:

    Inbound N Judah service through the Sunset tunnel was stopped at 5pm due to a body on the tracks.

  4. Joel says:

    Phew, what a mess.
    I’ll wait for full details, but it seems the rush hour refugee camp along Duboce wasn’t necessarily Muni’s fault to start what with some guy in the tunnel. I don’t know about later, either, but after the initial rush by three NN’s worth of passengers onto two shuttles, I was able to get on the third or fourth shuttle with no problem and got home (by the 19th Avenue stop) only about half an hour after I would’ve, shockingly.
    Maybe I was “lucky” though.

  5. jay says:

    The afternoon issue happened at Carl and Hillway. As far as I could tell, only 4 buses were running as shuttles between ocean beach and duboce/church; a hybrid and 3 artics. Terrible day on the metro.

  6. Ciaran says:

    And we were on an N around noon trying to get from Cole to Civic Center around noon, gets to church, sits for 10 minutes then on the PA, “err, waiting for my relief to show up”. another five minutes (and two trains waiting behind) “this train is going out of service”.
    Also, police blocks Cole for a while around 8pm, which caused a backup of N shuttle buses.

  7. Slappy says:

    I have a new favorite phrase: “Theoretically all is well now.”

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