Halloween Haunted House at 6th and Irving Next Saturday!

photo-1.jpgHalloween is on a Saturday this year…which in San Francisco means that it’s not only going to be a REALLY crazy Saturday, it also means that it’s most likely to be a 3 day affair starting on a Friday afternoon. You can bet that there’ll be plenty to do around town – here on the N Judah line the house at 6th and Irving Formerly Known as the Yes We Can House will be holding a haunted house for folks 10 years and older from 7pm to 10pm on the 31st (the sign says 9pm but the hours were changed).
The Haunted House will feature six Rooms of Terror, and will move people through a bit faster this year so it’s worth the wait. There will be free cotton candy for kids and other treats as well. The events here are always fun and are a great way to meet people from all over the area, so stop on by!

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  1. Adam Greenfield says:

    I’ve been helping construct the house and I can personally verify its awesome terrifyingness! There’s some surprisingly grizzly stuff in there, which is why it’s for age 10 and up. This is going to be as great as ever.

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