This is Why SF Can’t Have Nice Things: Yesterday’s FailWhale Regatta

muni-image-1.jpgSo yesterday I took off for Sacramento, and like in those disaster movies where you see everyone living their lives normally, unaware that Some Bad Stuff Is Coming Soon, took a non-drama N Judah train to the Ferry Building to buy an Amtrak ticket. Everything was fine, why I even got their earlier, got double mile points with Amtrak, and all was well.
Then, while I was out and about at what apparently is like, the epicenter of “cougar-dom” in downtown Sacramento, I started seeing all of these tweets on Twitter about a pretty big disaster at rush hour. Needless to say, it was rather mind blowing to read, and I almost pulled a Mad Men and stayed up north, but decided to take the last train home. I lucked out with a 6 Parnassus home, but from all the emails and twitter messages I got, it sounded like life was rather rough.
Now, allegedly everything’s back online this morning, so I’m posting this now, and would be interested to hear what people’s experiences are today in the comments. Hopefully things will be better, esp. since it’s so cold out there right now!
However, after that massive PR push by Muni, the MTA boss, and the Mayor about how so frakking great things were now, calling massive cuts in service doubleplusgood improvements, sure seems to be falling flat. Esp. with all the communication fails at the much celebrated AlertSF, 511 etc.
Way to go, Muni, keep on reaching for the stars!

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