Fun Friday: A Special Charter Streetcar for Kids and Families!

Whenever I’m looking for something to write about, inevitably I find something good via Telstar Logistics, Todd Lappin’s blog/photoblog/dose of cool. In the past I’ve highlighted some of his posts and great photography. This week, he wrote to me to alert folks about a really fun event, in conjunction with the non-profit Market Street Railway on December 19th.

From 1-4pm, special holiday themed cars will be departing from the Market Street Railway Museum on Steuart Street and take a non-stop ride to Pier 39 and back. Cars will feature holiday music and kid-friendly activities. Best of all, every kid gets an activity book and a piece of authentic 19th century cable car cable free!

The cost is a mere $5, and you can make a nice day of it, looking at the museum’s exhibits, and maybe heading to the Ferry Building or something afterwards. This is truly an “only in San Francisco” way to celebrate the holidays (and I mean that in a good way).

PS: This is totally unrelated to this post, but I had to post something about this – the first augmented reality app for the iPhone 3G and Muni. As I don’t have an iPhone 3GS I have no way of testing it, so if you do, and you try it out, please let me know how you like it.

Photo Credit: Telstar Logistics/Todd Lappin. Check out the whole photo set here!

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2 Responses to Fun Friday: A Special Charter Streetcar for Kids and Families!

  1. Slappy says:

    I’d be curious to hear more about the iPhone application you mentioned. I have a 3GS but didn’t download it because it is $1.99.
    I am curious as to where the data is coming from. If we as Muni owners are paying to provide this data, I’m not sure why this company (and Routesy for that matter) can turn around and charge us for it.
    Am I paying for the wrapper? Not sure what I think about that.
    FYI: I saw this “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class mt in /home/dewar/ on line 16” at the bottom of the page when trying to comment on this post.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    @slappy: the data is free to anyone , and you can access it on NextMuni’s mobile version of their site via the Safari web browser. The data and APIs are open for anyone to use however they like.
    In this case you’re not paying for the data, you’re paying for the app because in the case of this new one, the developer had to pay apple to be in the store, had to go through the process of being approved, pay engineers to engineer the app and test it and make sure it complies and actually works. Those people decided their work was worth something, and decided to charge for it.
    Other apps are out there that are free, but usually rely on some form of advertising to cover said costs.
    as for the error…yes I know about it, it’s a real pain in the ass, I’ve been waiving money around for a Movable Type developer to help me upgrade to the latest version and help me redesign this site to comply with the massive changes since I installed 4.0, but no bites so far. I have limits to what I know how to do vis a vis web servers, and until I find someone willing to take real cash in the form of dollars and do work for me, I’m f*cked.

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