Zany Craigslist Ad: “You left your lunch on the N-Judah”

Thanks to Google News Alerts, I just saw this in my Inbox, and of all the things I’ve seen that are non-related to the “missed connections” category, this one is rather hilarious.
You Left Your Lunch On The N Judah
From the sounds of it, the lunch seemed more like a bag of ingredients. I mean, who “eats” a lemon?

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3 Responses to Zany Craigslist Ad: “You left your lunch on the N-Judah”

  1. phuong says:

    I eat lemons.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    Well then I stand corrected! I tend to think of them more as an ingredient (i.e. in a lemon pie) than something I’d just eat by itself. We had a lemon tree when I was growing up and I was literally surrounded by them, but never ever just pulled one off the tree and ate one.

  3. Phuong Mai says:

    Once you get past the initial sour, you find they’re kind of sweet and you can eat them like any other citrus fruit.

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