Happy 2010, Everyone!

While it was nice to take time away from all the usual routine for vacation, it’s kind of nice to be back into a routine, especially when 2010 promises some significant changes, not all of them good, but changes nonetheless.
I took some time to sit down and learn more about the technical details of running this site’s CMS so that I can make some needed changes. Chief among them will be more ways to read the site (via mobile phone, etc.) and to make some features stand out more (i.e. if there’s a major fail, better ways to alert people and alert them to alternate routes), and for more fun (i.e. more bar & business reviews.). There are also some pretty big changes coming at that other blog I sometimes write at, but that’s not important right now.
Meanwhile, here’s a few links that seem rather important. One is a rather well written story by Will Reisman of the Examiner, which sums up the many structural problems that are causing Muni’s budget pain. Word is that the Governor is going to try and permanently destroy gas tax funding (80% which goes to roads, the other 20% to transit statewide) to ensure we pay for his cigars.
And of course, the Mayor is out and about saying the N Judah runs perfectly (!) but has also been a big fan of defunding Muni to pay for his campaign staff.
Also worth reading, is Matt Baume’s analysis of Muni given the cuts that will come unless something is done, and it’s it’s worth your time to read and debate. The SF Appeal has this wonderful idea called “actual reporting of news that affects you,” and it’s something really great to have as a resource. Maybe the million dollar a week losing print folks might take a look at that idea.
Finally, there’s a post over at CaliberSF, one of SF’s great photography blogs, about Muni’s new, written on paper for real photography policy. Troy Holden deserves a lot of credit for pushing this issue, which will hopefully eliminate misunderstandings that often result in hostile confrontations from wannabe Jack Bauers on Muni. Or, at the very least, make it easier to sue if someone breaks your camera for no good reason.
But, on a positive note, there are several new businesses opening here in the Inner Sunset, and some more on the way. That’s always a good sign, right?

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2 Responses to Happy 2010, Everyone!

  1. @makfan says:

    This weekend, L riders get to enjoy the rail replacement shuttle fun!

  2. insidesfre says:

    The Inner Sunset is definitely branching out. The N Judah was a huge selling point for my clients who just bought a condo in the “copper condo” building at 7th & Irving. There is also going to be a spa in the commercial space in that property, as well as a wine bar across the street. My clients rented in the Sunset for many years, but it was time for them to really put down roots, and 7th & Irving was perfect for its proximity to everything they need.

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