“Big Sub” Amber Ale, Some Latebreaking News, and a Cool Muni Operator…

I’m still working on this Big Project, but I should be done soon and be able to get back to regular style posts. In the meantime, I thought I’d share this picture of “Mason Powell’s” first bottling of his first batch of homebrewed beer, named “Big Sub” after the old Interurban that ran from SF to San Mateo for many years. It was unusually appropriate that he dropped this by Monday, as the San Mateo Daily Journal ran a short piece about the line in their newspaper the same day. If you ride BART to Millbrae and look west, you can actually see some remnants of the old line, and some old houses in Millbrae that are much older than all of the post war-era houses that dominate the landscape.

Other news: It seems the Governor did not veto that “fix that kind of sucks” bill for transit funding – so Muni just got a nice surprise. That said, as a reader pointed out earlier, said law is no replacement , nor should it legitimize, the illegal stealing of gas tax funds that courts ruled illegal. Still, let’s hope the MTA and Muni don’t frak up this one and use the new infusion of cash to cut service and raise fares some more.

Finally, I found this story via my Google News Alerts about an incident on the J Church line last Friday. Art in the Fog blogger Marissa describes the kind of situation that can unite all of us in a shared-pain sort of way, and a Muni driver who acted professionally and helped lighten the mood when needed. These kinds of stories are always fun to read, so thanks to Marissa for posting this one.

I’m enjoying the work I’m doing right now, but it will be nice to get back to regular posting. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Bob Davis says:

    Thanks for the item about “Big Sub” ale. Where will it be available? Is it strictly for local consumption or will there be enough for those of us who live south of the Tehachapis? There’s a pub near where I live that specializes in rare malt beverages from all over the world; the sudsmeister might be interested.

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