Two Things To Do Now: Book Blast April 10th and an MTA Hearing for the 1st Inner Sunset Street Fair!

IMG_0088.JPGWhile I finish up my work (I really do enjoy working late at night as it’s so distraction free) I also wanted to get the word out about two events that you might be curious about.
The first is that Barbara and Paul at the House Formerly Known as Yes We Can are hosing a “Book Blast” on April 10th from noon to 5pm. They are in need of donations for this free event, so if you have some books you’re no longer reading and would like to share, contact them at 246-4748 and you can either drop them off at their place at 6th and Irving, or arrange for a pickup. This, like the other events they’ve hosted, look like it should be fun and a great way to meet your neighbors if you live out here, or if you don’t, make some new friends with folks around here.
Also, the SFMTA will be having a hearing on Thursday, March 25th, at 9am regarding permits for the first annual Inner Sunset Street fair. If approved, the street fair would happen May 15th, and would close off Irving Street between 9th and 10th, and 10th Avenue between Irving and Lincoln.
This event has support from many in the neighborhood from what I’ve gathered, and other neighborhoods out here have hosted street festivals and everything works out fine. There’s so much potential for things like this. Heck maybe I’ll get a booth and sell some T Shirts or something!

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