Links of Interest – Funny Money, Funny Numbers, and A Meeting to Save Muni

Talking Muni seems to be en vogue these days. I’m not sure why it is now vs. say, a year ago or more. I have to say, the devolution of the discussion into a mish mosh of misinformation, mistakes, and mayhem has been kind of depressing to watch, and it’s why I’ve been staying away from the computer most of the week.
However, some good folks around the Internet have been getting these things called “actual facts”, and said facts are useful if anyone wants to be effective in doing anything of substance. Simply stamping one’s feet, and defiantly proclaiming ignorance never got anyone anywhere.
First, Eric of Transbay Blog has two excellent posts analyzing Muni finances. One concerns proposals by SPUR and MTA staff to balance future budgets, and another about the MTA board’s inability to do their jobs vis a vis funding a functional transit system.
At a time when politicians are peddling all sorts of faux “Fix Muni Quick” schemes, it’s important to know what the facts are.
SF Weekly also had some interesting posts. First, they thoroughly debunk the sheer BS the TWU folks were bellowing out this week when they marched on City Hall. The Weekly (and the Examiner) also report that news that the TWU hired legendary political strategist Eric Jaye were premature (and prove once again TWU leadership doesn’t know what it’s doing in a rough environment).
Finally, there’s a “Save Muni Summit” this Saturday at 9am at the Women’s Building located at 3543 18th Street (between Valencia and Guerrero). The event has quiet a few co-sponsors from around the city. And, if you’re really depressed (or really energized) by all the Muni talk, you can go to the 500 Club a block away and have a cocktail.

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