Mind Boggling Legislative WTF: Passing a Law to Make a Thief Stop Breaking Law, Give Back Your Stolen iPhone

wtfjs.jpgStay with me on this one, folks. Trust me, the John Stewart “I’m Literally Speechless After Reading This And Am Putting My Face In My Hands” moment of silence is worth it.
So, it seems that folks in Sacramento are patting each other on the back about how they got some bill passed that would restore gas tax money to transit agencies around the state, including Muni.
Now, recall that the state raid on said gas tax money (which voters said should go 80% to roads and 20% to transit) was ruled totally freakin’ illegal by the courts. Stealing is usually against the law.
To put it another way – if someone robs you of your iPhone on Muni they’re breaking the law and aren’t supposed to do that.
No matter, this isn’t the theft of an iPhone, this is theft committed by the state so they get away with it.
So sure, Muni got mugged (as did every road and transit agency in the state). But today’s news is no real cause for celebration. You see, they’re passing a new law to make the state obey the law it broke, and restore a little bit of the eleventy billion dollars they stole already.
Put another way, a new law was passed to make the thief follow that already existing “thou shall not steak f*cking iPhones on Muni” law, and sure, they’re returning your iPhone – only after they broke the glass, f*cked up your iTunes music collection, and loaded it up with lame apps.
Feel free to exclaim WTF if you must, but hold on, it gets better.
The Governor isn’t sure he’ll sign it into law. Because, being the mugger, he’s “not sure” it’s a good idea.
Even though the State Supreme Court said to not do so is breaking the law he’s sworn to uphold
[Insert Stewart-esque Speechless Face in Hands Moment Here]

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3 Responses to Mind Boggling Legislative WTF: Passing a Law to Make a Thief Stop Breaking Law, Give Back Your Stolen iPhone

  1. david vartanoff says:

    Embezzlement is I believe the correct term for taking someone else’s money to spend in this manner. The sad thing is that AG Moonbeam doesn’t have the (parts) to go to a grand jury on this to get an indictment. Of course, EVERY legislator who vited on the repurposing of these illegally seized funds is at the least an accessory. ‘T would be neat to see the bunch of them all do time.

  2. phuong says:

    Greg, this is a delicious post.
    That is all.

  3. oblomov says:

    Ouch – my head just exploded.

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