Hey Mr. Ford: Fix the (*&$#@@!! Intersection at Duboce And Church or Resign. Your Choice.

Muni, this has to stop, NOW.

Just two days after a monumental failure this weekend that saw people walking out of the tunnel because of a power failure, today we had more delays thanks to problems at Duboce and Church.

This is now happening on a regular basis, too often, in fact. I’m sure there’s some Big Reason why, but at this point, it’s making the N and J lines even more unreliable, and causing delays. This, on top of the service cuts.

Well, I’m sick of the excuses and the BS. But this also illustrates yet another reason why maybe it’s time to tell the alleged boss of the MTA, Nathaniel Ford, to fix the problem, or resign. No more excuses about “money” and whatever – money was given to Muni to do these kinds of fixes, and it’s time for them to do them. It’s costing everyone time and money, and if Mr. $300,000-A-Year can’t find a way to tell the repair people or whaver to f*cking fix it, then he’s useless and needs to go.

I don’t like harshing on the guy, but I, like many people, wonder just what it is he does anymore besides take orders from Prince Newsom to ruin the MTA. At what point does one look in the mirror and ask themselves how they can ethically receive a salary for a job they’re clearly no longer interested in doing?

We’re all paying the price and it really sucks.

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6 Responses to Hey Mr. Ford: Fix the (*&$#@@!! Intersection at Duboce And Church or Resign. Your Choice.

  1. MrEricSir says:

    Maybe while he’s at it, he could fix West Portal as well? Or would that be asking too much…

  2. The contract to rebuild Church and Duboce is out to bid. Construction is planned for 2012. Operations is not the only budget problem.
    Every time a service cut is avoided by taking it out of capitol projects comes at the expense of nessacery maintenance like tracks and overhead. St. Francis Circle is underway now, Carl & Cole and Duboce & Church are coming up.

  3. Aaron Priven says:

    Duboce and Church has been a problem since I rode the N-Judah in the ’80s. It’s not like it’s only been a problem since Nat Ford has been around.

  4. anonymouse says:

    Except it sounds like this wasn’t at Church and Duboce, it was at the Duboce Junction in the subway, which is a slightly different problem. Still, I’d like to see some improvements at Church and Duboce to improve safety and reliability.

  5. Greg Dewar says:

    @anonymouse: yes, but overall the situation there is grim .if it isn’t collapsed wires or some such thing, it’s a delay or a stall or whatever. I did a Google News Alert on it and it was telling how common the problems there are, and how it really delays people’s trip inbound and outbound.

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