Urinating In Public: It’s Not Just For Bros at BTB Anymore! Now it’s a “Giveback” from Muni Operators!

IMAG0012.jpgReader Brendan was riding the N Judah the othe day, and spotted a flyer tacked on to an out-of-order farebox with an “out of order” sticker on it. Despite the sticker, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what it says. Click on the picture for the details or read Reader Brendan’s message:

Hey Greg,
I found the following bulletin taped to an out of order fare box on the last car of an outbound N tonight. Most of it is obscured by an “Out of Service” sticker, but you can get the jist from what is showing.
“Complains have…operators urinating in pub(lic)…of 3rd and Marin Street. This is unprofess(ional)…tolerated. Employees will…action up to and including disn(???)… Your coope(ration)…appreciated.
So basically it appears that a few of the bad apple Muni operators are having a piss party in the vicinity of 3rd and Marin (a whole block away from the new yard, which I assume has facilities for them to use).
Thought you’d find it amusing.

You’d think with all the emotional and political fallout from Muni’s collapse would make folks at Muni, who are on the hot seat already, try and keep things in line at least for the short term. Hmm.

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2 Responses to Urinating In Public: It’s Not Just For Bros at BTB Anymore! Now it’s a “Giveback” from Muni Operators!

  1. david vartanoff says:

    You’d wonder how alienated the guys must be to want the aroma in the cab while driving.
    With TWU’s “concern” for the rights of the drivers, where is the demand for a toilet at the Terminal? For instance, there is a Muni ‘facility’ n a concrete box on 30th just off Church where the old terminal was.

  2. andy c says:

    priceless! lol
    you gotta love the ‘service is our only business’ letterhead just above the out of service sticker

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