A Technically-Enforced Break And Some Other Random Thoughts

IMG_0839.JPGThanks to a strange problem with MovableType, I couldn’t log in and add or edit new entries for some time. Since there’s virtually no support for fools like I who actually paid for this thing in 2006, it took a while for me to fix the problem. However, even if I hadn’t had that mishap, I would have been taking a break from blogging all things Muni and neighborhood related anyway. This month will mark the 5 year anniversary of the blog, and lately I’ve needed a break from said issues for a little bit.
That’s because despite Muni being the new “hot issue” that everyone seems to suddenly care about (as if Muni didn’t need an assist some time ago), the level of lies and disinformation being pumped out from a variety of sources make sorting through it all about as pleasant (and as time consuming) as cleaning up the Gulf Coast, and frankly, it gets to be a bit much.
Plus, this latest technical annoyance is the last straw, and I’m finally migrating to WordPress, if for not other reason than I can at least get help faster if I need it instead of just using an orphan product with no support.
So for now I’m going to maintain a lighter posting schedule, but as always, I invite those who’d like to contribute a Guest Blog Post to email me and contribute something while I work out the plan for a revamped site with some new features. I’m also working on some other, non-Muni related projects too, but those will be revealed when they’re ready to go.
I’m also soliciting advice on a Muni candidate questionnaire which I’ve mentioned previously. The questionnaire will go to all candidates for Supervisor, and have results posted on line. I’ve got a pretty good idea of where I want to go with this, but if anyone has any suggestions, I’m listening.
The goal is not to stump candidate with arcane questions about Rule #24521.a.1 about some thing at Muni, but instead get them to go past “oh yes me support Muni” glittering generalities and instead show that either they a) actually use Muni or b) at least give a damn about it. If nothing else, it could be fun to see the responses from the more “unusual” candidates, right?

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One Response to A Technically-Enforced Break And Some Other Random Thoughts

  1. Sam Foster says:

    RE: Muni candidate questions – what are your thoughts on a fairly loaded question like “You are in charge of a business that serves x hundred thousand people with a budget of y millions is such a vital part of the infrastructure of a supposedly world class city, yet the service you provide is shoddy, impractical and has prices escalating beyond any reasonable expectation, what are the first 5 concrete steps you’d take to evaluate the situation and what would be your plan of attack for addressing what you found in that evaluation?”

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