Friday Fun Roundup: A Games Night, A Campaign Office Opening, and More!

Normally when I do these kinds of posts I have some great photo I took of a sunny day around the neighborhood, but as I was going through the latest pictures I’ve taken, all of them are overcast and gloomy. This weather sucks (I know, because not enough people have said that, right?)
ANYWAY, there’s a few events coming up that people should be aware of:
-First, the Fix Muni Now (Proposition G) campaign is having a campaign office opening tomorrow morning at 9:30, at 530 Castro Street. Supervisor Elsbernd, Gabe Metcalf of SPUR, and many candidates for Supervisor who support the measure will be in attendance. This is your chance to do something constructive to help fix one (of many) problems at Muni. Besides they’ll have coffee and coffee is good, right?
Sunday Streets returns to the Great Highway this weekend. You can literally walk unimpeded by traffic from the California Academy of Sciences to the SF Zoo. It sounds like it will be another chilly overcast weekend, but go check it out anyway. I went last year and it was fun!
-The House Formerly Known as Yes We Can will be hosting another Inner Sunset Games Night on August 28th from 7:30 to 11pm. Bring a board game or just show up and join in one of the many games going on that night. These are always fun, although I’ve missed the last few of them myself, so I’m going to try and make it to this one.
-The Muni Rider Voter Guide is starting to get some responses. Currently we have two candidates from District 6 and one from District 8 on the site – more are on the way! If you’ve got a supervisor’s race in your area, ask them to fill out their questionnaire and send it in. So far the results have been interesting…
-Finally, if you’re looking to vent about Muni or urban life, there are always opportunities for Guest Bloggers. This is especially urgent since next week in addition to work + All The Blogs I Have, I’ve got some other things to take care of that will be taking up a lot of my time, so now’s your chance to guest post next week. Email me for details.
More later….oh and over at the blog no one reads, I came up with a solution to the ongoing motorcross at Dolores Park AND violent punks on Haight Street, without some new ballot proposition to get everyone all howly about. Check it out.

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