I’d Rather Have an “Irving and 9th” Lego Set But This Will Do

legotransitset.jpgFor some reason, I get the oddest recommendations at YouTube when I look at the “Recommended for You” selections. For example, just because I “favorited” (is that even a word?) a video called “Public Transit, Who Needs It,” I now get a bunch of videos with Paul Lynde on there recommended to me. That’s a bit repetitive.
However, because I favorited (I really shouldn’t use that word, it just offends the grammarian in me) a video about a working model of the San Francisco Cable Car system, I get these “Lego” videos recommended to me every so often. The other day I was recommended one about a newly available set that features a bus, a tram, a tram station (which is quite similar to the ones by the ballpark), passengers and the like. I always liked Legos as a kid, mostly because you could build whatever you liked with them, and if you spent the time, could create something really elaborate.
While talking with colleague Mason Powell about this, we both agreed it would be rather awesome to develop an “Irving and 9th” Lego set, complete with a little Blackthorn Tavern, Farmer’s Market, mini figures of people bugging people for signatures, and so on. When I win the lottery, I’ll get right on that one…

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2 Responses to I’d Rather Have an “Irving and 9th” Lego Set But This Will Do

  1. I so want that set. It’s LEGO’s first low-floor streetcar.

  2. Ben in SF says:

    The link says you can lift off the roof and load passengers into the tram. I wonder how many people fit inside?

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