Tomorrow is International Park(ing) Day! (Updated with More Events!)

pd_logo.pngTomorrow marks yet another International Park(ing) Day, whereby people around the world legally pay for parking spaces on city streets, and turn them into parks and whatnot that people can enjoy.
It’s the bane of the Gate commenter types and the elite who want to hyper-regulate your personal freedom in San Francisco, but such overzealous types are the people who always see the glass as half full of arsenic anyway. Instead, go to the International Park(ing) Day site, and find one near your home or office tomorrow!
This is the start of a series of events, unrelated but all coming up soon, including:
-Saturday, September 18th from 10-4pm, the Yes We Can House at 6th and Irving will host a “Free Fix-It Day.” If you’ve got something around the house that is broken (aside from electronics) stop by and someone will help you try and fix it. Or, are you handy with tools and fixing things? Stop by and volunteer your services!
-Sunday is the 30th Annual Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park in Sharon Meadow from 12-5pm. Many people who got their start in comedy in SF will be performing, and as always, this event tends to add on more performers as the day goes by. This has been an institution for local comedy and one I try to attend as often as possible.
Finally, some advice – if you’re from Elsewhere and want to go to something in the Park, you really should avoid driving unless it’s necessary. Last weekend it was jammed full of people, and often times people think just because there’s this “garage” near the Science Academy that somehow there will magically be “parking.”
That thing fills up FAST on weekends, and with so many direct routes to the park (71, 44, N, 5, etc.) if you really don’t need to drive, don’t bother. It’s no faster than Muni, and in many ways is MORE miserable than any crammed Muni bus. Also, if you think you’ll find parking on the street near the Park, fuggedaboutit. Most side streets are already jammed up with residents’ cars due to the many curb cuts here, so thinking you’ll find a free spot that’s easy and convenient is a lovely dream, but not likely to happen.
Save yourself the aggravation and the parking tickets and just bear with Muni for now, and remember these kinds of problems when you go vote in the future. Your Muni won’t get better unless the people you hire know there’s a price for screwing up on event days.

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