Random Links of Interest For Friday, October 29th-No on Fang, Yes on 22, Critical Mass, and More!

There’s a lot of Muni and weekend related linkage out there I wanted to make sure folks saw, so quickly now, here’s some Links of Interest:
-Yes, there’s Critical Mass today. On a rainy day. Amidst ongoing epic Muni Fail. Plan (or drink) accordingly.
-The SF Appeal has a nicely formatted list of Muni alerts for the weekend…especially useful since it looks like it shall be raining quite a bit this weekend.
-The official Flickr Blog had this interesting post of a Flickr user who licensed their photo via Getty Images and saw their photo used as part of a bus wrap for a Kaiser Permanente ad. Of all the wraps I’ve seen, this is actually a cool one, almost as cool as the Wall-E one a few years ago.
-One of the Loyal Readers pointed out to me this site, which is lobbying to preserve the pre-tax commuter benefit that was introduced last year. If you can take advantage of something like this, it’s a great deal. You don’t have to spend your money on a Muni pass either – that money can be used for a bike, or gas for the car or whatever, it just has to be spent on commuting. While I can’t participate in these, if you can, you should, and they should not let something that puts money back in your pocket rot.
-One of the biggest reasons Muni (and every local transit agency) is having so much financial difficulty is due to the constant raids on local funds so the state can pretend to solve its perennial budget mess, while passing the pain of administering cuts to the local level. It’s a sick upset of local control over local funds and services. The Yes on 22 campaign is trying to put a stop to it. The arguement against it of course is “but if the state can’t steal local money, widows and schoolkids and Other Good Things will lose money.” That’s like saying “if the mugger can’t stab you and steal your wallet, he’ll have to buy fewer drugs.”
-I’ve been meaning to write a sequel to my anti-James Fang post of the past, but Eric of Transbay blog has already written an excellent, positive piece explaining why you should vote to replace 20-year do nothing BART board member Fang with Bert Hill. Go read it NOW.
-Finally, some clever folks came up with this site to count the number of days since a Muni Fail, similar to those signs you see at factories about the number of days since an accident. Funny how it seems stuck on “0”! Don’t forget to also use the MuniFail.com site featured earlier this year too!

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One Response to Random Links of Interest For Friday, October 29th-No on Fang, Yes on 22, Critical Mass, and More!

  1. @makfan says:

    Yesterday was epic, as there was a Caltrain fail just before evening rush. I was stuck for an hour; a friend of mine who takes the 4:33 southbound train was still not home (near San Jose) by 7 pm.

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