The Muni Subway System Is Failing Every Week. Who Do You Have to FIRE To Get This Fixed?

It’s a well known fact that for every week for the last few weeks, Muni’s owner/riders have experienced unbelieveable delays due to the fact the ancient computer running the system has failed. It’s happening so often at this point, the only thing you can rely on is that there will be a big ol’ failure – you just don’t know when.
Now, we have a very well paid CEO, who makes more money than a Supreme Court Justice, and who is supposedly in charge of the MTA and Muni. Given that this system is failing so regularly, you think this dynamic CEO would use all the power he has to un-frak this situation, especially when there’s the World Series going on. Instead, Ford and his upper management pals on the MTA board were conspiring to take away free game day tickets intended for front-line Muni workers to keep for himself. What, he can’t afford a ticket of his own with that big salary of his? Classy.
At this point, you’d think more people at the MTA board, or even the Board of Supervisors would be hoppin’ mad at this and be demanding that an action plan be made a priority to stop talking and start doing something about this. Instead we have our supervisors out of the loop, composing lots of lofty non-binding resolutions, and our downtown gang likewise silent on the issue (you think they would since the fails are DOWNTOWN).
What is the point of paying these big salaries to all these people up and down the pay scale at Muni if they’re not going to even tackle basic problems like this? It’s not like this is a sudden event – this problem has been going on for years. It’s been talked to death, like many problems at Muni. Meanwhile we continue to find money for useless projects.
Seriously, though. Who has to get fired for us to get something moving around here? Clearly the current regime at the MTA Board and Nathaniel Ford aren’t doing the job. They are doing a great job of driving down morale and mismanaging the agency at a time when we can’t waste our pennies, much less our dollars.

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