Weekend Sale at our N Judah Chronicles Zazzle Store!

Thumbnail image for NJudah-postage copy.jpgSome random news: As we all know I have a Zazzle store, where you can buy T-Shirts, mousepads, mugs, and more, adorned with all sorts of artwork. This weekend (Oct. 7th-11th) you can buy anything in the store and get 14.92% off your order using the code 1492COLUMBUS when you check out of the store. (Get it? It’s Columbus Day Weekend!)
This is a good deal, especially since the base cost of these products is high, owing to the fact it’s print on demand vs. me buying a huge stash of shirts, doing the sales tax and shipping personally, etc. but it’s also a lot easier to handle for the volume we have. If I can find the right deal, I’ll do a small offering in a few stores on the N line but right now I can’t afford to do that.
So for now, if you’ve been looking for an N is Near shirt, a Muni Failwhale shirt or mousepad, or perhaps a “Nowhere in Particular” mug, among others, now is the time to go buy and get a nice discount.

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