Were You Affected by Today’s Muni Power Outage Downtown?

I knew SOMETHING was up today when suddenly Irving Street didn’t have the usual rhythm of Muni train traffic it does during the day. Then the Twitter was abuzz with reports, first of a “medical emergency,” later corrected to a temporary power outage at Muni’s Central Control, effectively shutting down all downtown trains.
Fortunately, it was fixed quickly, but the residual delays will be with us for awhile. Were you stuck downtown? What was your experience with the delays today?

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3 Responses to Were You Affected by Today’s Muni Power Outage Downtown?

  1. Nancy Ewart says:

    My friend and I were clueless. We boarded the F line quite far down on Market and didn’t figure it out until we got to Powell as saw the huge crowds waiting to board. I felt that the Muni driver was handling things well, explaining to the crowd what was going on and that there would be shuttles to take people out to the avenues and over Twin Peaks. But I just saw the twitter notice that Julie was stuck in the tunnel which could not have been fun.

  2. Steve says:

    Arrived at Castro Station going outbound to West Portal around 1:45 pm. Station attendant was just telling everyone “no service”. I asked if there were shuttle buses above ground and she said yes. Called 311 while waiting for shuttle bus. They did manage to at least tell me that there was a power outage effecting the entire Metro. Waited over 15 minutes at Castro for an outbound shuttle bus. It was, of course, packed to the gills. It took approx 20 minutes to get to West Portal once the bus arrived. Usual dearth of information from station attendants. But it sounds like the problem had already been fixed and trains running by the time I originally arrived at Castro???

  3. Gordon Edgar says:

    I’m not usually taking MUNI at that time of the day, but I was yesterday. I think I got on the last train they were letting through because they were clearing the station (Embarcadero) of anyone who didn’t get on our car and no one got on at any other stops. I honestly was impressed by everyone’s calmness and professionalism down in the hole. One woman was going off on a MUNI cop (as if anyone down there had anything to do with it!) and the cop just kept calmly saying, “get on this train or go upstairs to the shuttle busses.”
    Our ride from Embarcadero to Van Ness (where I got off) took about 15-20 minutes though. Still, I can’t imagine front-line folks handling it any better.

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