I Can’t Believe It – Thanks To You, I Came in First for Mayor!

Wow. I can’t believe it. What started as a funny joke amongst friends ended up becoming a 24 hour Twitter phenomenon. Thanks to all of you good people out there, I came in first at SFMayorVote.com ‘s online poll of politicians and mayoral wannabes.
Obviously it won’t mean I’ll get the appointment from the Board, but it was kinda fun to see my name move up in the polls so quickly. The good folks at SF Weekly were kind enough to interview me on this momentous occaision while I was riding the F line to a meeting this afternoon.
Anyway, it was fun. If I had a zillion dollars and was really running for mayor, if nothing else my parties would be fun to attend, and I’d do my best to make the debates kinda fun.

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One Response to I Can’t Believe It – Thanks To You, I Came in First for Mayor!

  1. Bob Davis says:

    Too bad us “San Franciscan wannabes” can’t vote for you. Now that Gavin’s been exiled to Sacramento, it’s time for someone who really gives a rat’s hat about Muni to be in the proverbial “corridors of power”. And remember, Muni streetcar #1 has just been returned to The City after a major rehab. One of the mayor’s traditional “perks” is to run Car 1 on ceremonial occasions, and the 100th Anniversary of Muni is less than two years away.

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