Let’s Have Some Fun With The Online Mayoral Poll at SFMayorVote.com!

Whilst sitting here at home watching SFGOV TV’s coverage of the Board of Supervisors Rules Committee (awaiting their vote on an MTA nomination), some friends and I came up with a side project for fun – running in the online poll for Mayor Newsom’s successor in Room 200!
It’s pretty simple – a site has been set up by concerned citizens at SF Mayor Vote.com where you can “vote” for anyone you like, via your Twitter account login, and your vote will be broadcast to the site and to your Twitter friends.
This isn’t scientific, or binding, by any means, but it would be kind of funny to see a blogger move up the list ahead of some of the City’s politicians. So (to paraphrase comedian Will Durst from his mayoral run in the 80s) – vote for me, or don’t vote for me, but vote!

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