Another Anonymous WTF Flyer From Persons Unknown About Muni

anon_muni_flyer_2011.JPGReader Katie alerted us (and everyone) via Twitter of this rather strange, anonymous flyer she noticed over the weekend. It’s the same as the one I found defacing a Muni bus shelter. To read it in its entirety, click here, and you can check it out.
As with a lot of these things, there’s no one claiming responsibility for this little missive. What makes it more strange is that it’s a mish-mosh of operator complaints, things that are somewhat true, and some things that are simply false. It seems to take an anti-everyone attitude (open attacks on management and the union leadership, for example), and overall, doesn’t make a lot of sense.
I called around this morning to find out if anyone knew who published this, or why, but what few calls were returned indicated people had no idea what this was. Could it be a disinformation campaign or something by forces unknown? Who knows?
Official union document or not, I have to say as someone who used to work with unions conducting both member-to-member communications, and outreach to the general public, TWU 250A has to be worst at communication I’ve ever seen. When they talk to the press they sound like pouty children throwing a temper tantrum. During last year’s Prop. G campaign, they paid for some of the most dishonest mail I’ve ever seen in politics. They talk to the public in poorly worded dead tree flyers, unaware of this thing called the Internet, and the options it offers to talk to the public in the second decade of the 21st century. Let’s also not forget other anonymous screeds that created all kinds of panic in the past that seemed to have the tacit approval of someone in charge, but we’ll never know who.
It doesn’t portend well, and the news that Muni CEO Nat Ford is going to possibly quit after the negotiations are over to cash out his golden parachute (i.e. get paid for not doing the agreed work for the contracted period of time) and you kinda wanna go all “pox on both of your houses” on everyone.
Ugh. In the end, great operators and the owner/riders lose once again.

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  1. MrEricSir says:

    The general thesis of the flyers I read seemed to be that the operator pay has no bearing on the city budget problems. None! Which makes you wonder about the basic math abilities of whoever wrote these…

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