Hey! Inner Sunset! What’s Up With Our Sidewalks? (Also: Some Things For Sale!)

berrymess.JPGIf you’ve been to the Inner Sunset any time in the last year, you know that some significant improvements were made to calm traffic and improve pedestrian safety. The sidewalks have been repaved, “bulb out” curbs have been added at key intersections to improve safety crossing the street, and new bus shelters have been installed.
Thus, it’s a bit disheartening to see people trash these things when they’re not even that old. For example, over by the bus stop at 9th and Irving Outbound, some jerk-ass decided to dump his Jamba Juice all over the sidewalk, rather than simply deposit in the trash can just steps away. How do I know this? I caught the guy in the act.
I was picking up a newspaper at the rack nearby when I heard this weird slushy sound, and looked up to see this little troll dumping purple crap all over the place. I would have taken his photo and done a little Internet Shame, but by the time I got out my iphone, waited for the camera to boot up and all, the troll sped off. What was once a nice looking, nearly new sidewalk now looks like crap.
paintmess.JPGThat’s not all. Not one block away, in front of CitiBank, someone decided to deposit latex paint (at least that’s what I hope it is) all over the new sidewalk. I have to wonder, what was the circumstance in which someone couldn’t simply dispose of this properly, and none come to mind that justify it.
I doubt any of this will be cleaned soon. It may seem like a bit much to be annoyed at this, but people have been working hard to make this a nice neighborhood, and the last thing it needs is to be trashed by ignorant trolls who seem to feel the entire planet is their garbage dump. If you see someone pulling something like this, call the police or something or at least snap a picture and put them on the Wall of Internet Shame.
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3 Responses to Hey! Inner Sunset! What’s Up With Our Sidewalks? (Also: Some Things For Sale!)

  1. Mickey says:

    having been manager of a few small business here in San Francisco, the businesses can and are sited for not having a clean sidewalk (this includes fricking chewing gum spots.) So there’s an entire cottage industry of people that steam and/or high pressure wash the sidewalks. Good or bad, it’s my responsibility as a business owner / manager. So if it’s there for more than a week, call 311 and the city WILL send an inspector.

  2. Greg Dewar says:

    That is unfortunate. The City should be responsible for things like sidewalk repairs, tree maintenance, keeping the city sidewalks clean, and paving roads. Instead they charge big taxes and property taxes, then either force people to pay more for things like this OR pass big borrowing measures for things like roads, so we end up paying $1.85 for $1 worth of work! I want the sidewalks clean but I don’t want to punish a business for something that isn’t their fault…

  3. Jay says:

    To add to the above, homeowners are also responsible for sidewalk maintenance in front of their property.

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