Think You Can Do a Better Job Driving a Muni Bus or Cable Car? Prove it, On Your PC!

15478577ab.jpgGive Google credit for one thing – if you use their Google News Alerts to track certain subjects, they sure do a good job of finding things you’d never think existed. Today I present to you one of my all-star Google Alert finds: a Muni Bus/Cable Car simulator all the way from Germany. Apparently it’s brand-new – when I first saw the Torrent link I assumed it’d been out for a while, but I was wrong.
Oddly enough, the Google Alert found a BitTorrent site, so I took the time to find the game’s publisher, Astragon, and to a site devoted to just the game. (I didn’t want to link to the BitTorrent site directly since that’s kinda like condoning stealing) After looking at some of the screenshots and the videos, it does look pretty good. Sadly, it seems you can’t drive an N Judah all the way to the ocean, nor can you short turn said N either. However, you CAN operate a cable car, and any one of a number of PCC streetcars and buses on various routes, real and imagined.
I found it interesting that part of the game was to make money via fares. Maybe someone should show this game to Muni, and to Supervisors who like to play games with Muni’s money, and educate them a little. My only regret is that this game doesn’t have any westside lines to try out, nor does it feature the infamous Bredas.
Then again, you can still buy model BART trains, some old model Boeing trains, and even PCC-style Muni cars, but I have yet to find anyone that offers a model of San Francisco’s one-off Bredas that grind away day after day. Maybe as a sequel, the can have a simulator of the MTA board, which would allow for some Grand Theft Auto-like responses to stupid things Muni does. (I kid.)
I don’t have a PC so I can’t play this on my computer, but if anyone tries it out, post some comments and let us know how you liked it! For now, check out this video and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Also, July 4th is the LAST day you can get 17.76% off your Muni related T Shirts at our online store with the code “LANDOFTHETEE”. Buy one today!

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8 Responses to Think You Can Do a Better Job Driving a Muni Bus or Cable Car? Prove it, On Your PC!

  1. KT says:


  2. Seismogenic says:

    Interesting choice of bridge for the cover picture there! The internets tell me it’s actually the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge in Lisbon, but if they’re going to go with one that’s nowhere near San Francisco, at least it’s international orange and shares the Bay Bridge’s tower design!
    …I still totally want to play the game.

  3. Greg Dewar says:

    do tell how you figured this out! I am looking at the picture again, and you may be right. Then again even the Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver KINDA looks like ours.

  4. paul says: That’s the website, but if you google model muni breda lrv you should get a listing that will take you right to the page with the resin modelof the Muni lrv

  5. trashikunga says:

    Cool but………….no traffic? no unrully ethnic high school punks,drunk and stinky street people, Chinese old ladies with live chickens etc. alsowhere are the drivers cell phones, giurl friends, drug connections. seen all that. Not realistic. Not a job I would want.

  6. Paul Lucas says:

    Wow. That soundtrack is just so over the top. It sounds like it should be for some epic, big-budget movie starring Anthony Hopkins as a wise king trying to save his world from the clutches of evil. Who knew driving Muni vehicles could be so heroic?

  7. MrEricSir says:

    When I’m in Berlin next month, I’m going to have to see if I can get a copy of this.

  8. Seismogenic says:

    I figured out which bridge it was by some Wikipedia trawling, mostly. Ended up on the list page of longest suspension bridges, and I kept scrolling until I saw an orange one!
    As it turns out, the Ponte 25 de Abril was actually designed and constructed by the same group that was responsible for the Bay Bridge, which explains the similar towers. I haven’t yet found anything on whether the color was specifically chosen to mimic Golden Gate or not. The Lisbon tourism bureau site definitely calls this bridge the Golden Gate’s “twin sister,” though!

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