Help Support the 2011 Inner Sunset Street Fair!

If you haven’t heard already, there’s going to be an Inner Sunset Street Fair this fall on October 16th*. Unlike many street fairs, which are run by out-of-town chains who put on the same old “street fairs” filled mostly with out-of-town faux art, a lot of booths promoting banks, breakfast cereal, and 10 dollar meat skewers (also all from way out of town), the Inner Sunset Street Fair is being organized by volunteers in the neighborhood. Many local businesses and individuals have already pledged their support, and the fair will feature activities and booths oriented towards the people who live here, not the consumers who live here.
Due to the fact this fair is eschewing the usual trappings of faux-street fairs, they don’t need as much money as others, but they do need your support. Organizers have created a donation page where you can make a tax deductible contribution online today, and help promote an event that will make a difference in the neighborhood.
This event should be a success, especially since it will be held in the fall when the weather is usually quite nice (unlike our San Francisco summers which can be either wonderfully warm or a bit chilly and overcast), and the more that people participate by staging events, providing entertainment and setting up booths, the better. SF Mayoral candidates flush with taxpayer campaign financing would be wise to pony up for some booths at the event – such support of local events is noticed by voters on the westside (hint hint).
*Yes, the date changed, to avoid a conflict with a major museum event on the original date.

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