So How Are You Gettting Around On This Busy Weekend?

It’s no surprise that we’re in the middle of the Weekend of Eleventy Billion People in SF. (If it is, you must have been asleep all this week). There are so many events going on, and about a million visitors expected to stop by in a city of less than a million to begin with, this is a really big test for Muni, BART, Caltrain, cabs, and bikes. The question remains – will this be the most amazing cluster-frak ever? Or will everyone come through?
I decided to go see the Blue Angels over on Beach St. by the Municipal Pier on Friday. It was crowded and there was some traffic, but I never waited too long for a Muni train or bus on my way out there. (Side note: if you can, get an outdoor table at The Pub SF, and you can enjoy a beer or lunch while watching the show).
After the show, we decided to take a long walk back through North Beach, and ended up just walking to Powell Station. The trains were definitely a bit more crowded than normal rush hour, but not much. Also, at Civic Center, the station had really good signage directing people to the special buses for the America’s Cup race, and other events.
What’s been your experience? Describe tales of wonder or woe in the comments section!

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