Tech-y People Gather to Fix Transit at Reroute/SF This Weekend!

An array of groups around town are gathering this weekend at a “hackathon” to come up with new and interesting ways to use open data and more. The event, known as “ReRoute/SF” is being presented by Engine Advocacy in concert with Hattery Labs, the SF Mayor’s Office, and the SFMTA. Not only does it promise to be an interesting weekend, I have been chosen to be one of the judges for the event as well!
Teams will be taking on various challenges, as outlined at the event’s site at re-route/SF, and will include trip planning, better use of available data, and rider feedback on current problems. All projects will be open source, and available to the public once the event is over.
I am interested in seeing what the various teams come up with. While I don’t think “apps” and the like are a cure-all for what ails transit in San Francisco, I continue to be impressed with what people can come up with using the endless creativity that exists out there, especially when it’s used for something useful, vs. yet another ad delivery platform. I’ll write about the results on Sunday!

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