The NJC Zazzle Store Closes PERMANENTLY on Jan. 1 2015!

I know I’ve said this before, but this time it’s for real – I will be shutting down the blog’s store at Zazzle for good at the end of the month. I’m tired of fighting with these idiots about what’s a “copyrighted” image, especially when they insist a hand drawn image streetcars by someone somehow violates “copyright” when it does not.

Instead I’m looking for a local producer where we can offer “The N Is Near” and other assorted apparel, etc. at local stores. Not only will this mean an immediate cut in prices, it also means you’ll be suppoprting a local business or two, not some parsitical Internet jerk-factory.

For now, if you’re looking for some fun things to give during the season, check the store out and buy something! Proceeds go towards paying designers to replicate these onto a new system. Thanks and Enjoy!

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

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