A Free PR Win for the Zillionaire Tech Bro CEOs, Etc.

This past week we had not one, but two, “tech bro” eruptions on line, what with the Yelp CEO firing a low paid for saying “more” (in a moment straight out of “Oliver!“) and that other tech guy at some mildly successful “start up” whining about “riff raff.” Side note – does anyone in this century even say that anymore? Or anyone from somewhere NOT the sticks? Even my old grandma wouldn’t use that term.


By now you may have heard of the latest in the ongoing “housing crisis” – a 97 year old woman is being evicted from her home of 66 years in Burlingame. There’s a lot in there to make you barf, and for God’s sake do NOT read SFGate comments on this one. The mix of stupidity and classism would make even a Rockefeller barf. Side note: does anyone even know who the Rockefellers were?

Let me offer a way to kill a couple of birds, as they say: The house is not worth a lot by Burlingame standards. At best it is the cost of “free guac” and the open sourced, slipstream organic crap they put in their free smoothies at Facebook, Google, or any one of a number of ad factories dotting the landscape. The tech company or CEO who buys the house and lets this 97 year old grandma die in peace at her home for 66 years will not only be celebrated by a hero – they may just erase the ill will generated by “tech bros” on a daily basis.

Well until the next tech “fuck up” happens, but until then…

PS: Hey, Mark Benioff! You’re a nice guy and a Burlingame High graduate! A little help here would be awesome, even though you’re actually a nice guy and don’t need the cleansing helping out here so many of your “tech” brethren sorely need.

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