Learning Something From Our Friends in Russia Regarding Traffic

YouTube, like anything online, can be an open sewer of Everything Wrong With Humans, a fountain of knowledge, and a great time waster, all at the same time. A while back I somehow found myself watching a video from Russia, featuring a group of young people who stand against poor traffic manners, often at risk to life and limb. Their channel, translated as “Stop a Douchebag” in English, is incredibly addicting.

Apparently two big problems in Russian urban centers are cars driving on the sidewalk, and cars double parking and getting in the way of buses, trams, etc. The young people of Stop a Douchebag politely ask people to stop their transgressions, and if they don’t, they put a huge sticker (or stickers, depending on the person) on their windshield proclaiming their “Douchebag” status.

The exchanges can get heated, and in some cases weapons are waved about by the ill-mannered drivers. The youth keep their cool and often call the police, wherein the drivers are often cited for their transgressions. Here’s a recent video, which details how double parkers blocking a trolley bus inconvenience riders of said bus. Sound familiar?

Needless to say, I’m hooked. Check out their channel for some of their “greatest hits” and for the latest information. Frankly, as I see the N and every single bus on Haight Street constantly blocked by double parkers, I wonder if perhaps it’s time we invited these folks over to San Francisco, to help us start a chapter here.

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