Yes, ANOTHER Sunset Tunnel Closure for the N, Buses, Etc. Etc. Etc.

tunnel-headline.jpg If you have not already heard, then be forewarned that the Sunset Tunnel will be closed again this weekend, starting on Friday, March 25th, and remaining closed through the weekend. Details, as always, are here at the SFMTA, and, as always, the usual applies – buses will run in place of trains between Duboce/Church and Ocean Beach.

Some of the work being done is work delayed because of rainy weather, as I noted at the time. The end result of all of this work will be some improvements to the system, but it is getting a bit wearisome to have these closures pop up when it seems like it should be done by now.

As I stated on The Twitter, perhaps when it really is done, we should party like they did in 1925 when the tunnel was approved.

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