The Last Sunset Tunnel Closure Isn’t Really The Last One…UPDATED 4/4

This weekend there’s a lot going on, the big news being that this weekend’s closure of the Sunset Tunnel is the last! Well, no, but it sort of is! So, yay?

The details are here, as always at the SFMTA project page, and while yes, this should be the final weekend of construction (we hope), there will still be two more closures coming for upgrades to the communication system. These are the same communication system fixes that closed the downtown subway tunnel at night for so long.

In addition, signal work at 18th/Judah will be taking place, so that bus ride will take a bit of a detour around the work, which includes a traffic light at 18th/Judah. You’d think such a thing wouldn’t be necessary, but trust me, I walk by here enough to see why they’re doing it.

Update: As of 4pm on March 4th, the SFMTA has announced that the signal work at 18th/Judah will be suspended due to weather. The tunnel work will go on as scheduled.

There’s other, non-Muni related events this weekend too. The annual San Francisco History Expo will be held at the Old Mint building downtown. Urban Bazaar will be having a farewell party Saturday afternoon, and Supervisor Mark Farrell, who has been blanketing the area with junk mail and doorhangers, will be having a “political” rally on 7th avenue at the high school for something or whatever. Yay?

There is supposed to be a lot of rain for the next few days, so be cautious as you cross the street – many drivers are unaccustomed to obeying traffic laws and right of ways even on a good day, and when it’s rainy, slippery streets can cause accidents! Be safe and have a great weekend!

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