New on Substack: Inner Sunset Fire and How to Help Progress Hardware

This week the Inner Sunset suffered a major blow as an apartment fire at Sunset Apartments caused residents to be displaced and caused significant damage to a neighborhood institution, Progress Hardware. I wrote about it in this week’s post on Substack.

Progress Hardware on Irving St. after the 8/8/2023 fire

This is more than a store, it’s an integral part of our neighborhood. They have been in business for 75 years, and we can’t let a fire keep them from reopening after they’ve survived pandemics, wars, and whatever else has happened since 1948.

Please donate to their crowdfunding page NOW, and let’s also keep our expensive Cty government held to account as Progress navigates the City’s infamously corrupt permitting and planning system.

If I hear of any crowdfunding for the residents of the Sunset Apartments, I will post that here, and on and of course,, where all new content can be found.

Thanks again for your support!

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