N-Judah Trivia Time: Which Supervisors Represent the N on the Board?

Trivia Question: Which members of our Esteemed Board of Supervisors represent the N-Judah line in City Hall?
Think about it for a moment…..and now the surprising answer!
Trivia Answer: More than you might think. I took a look at the map of Supervisorial Districts at City Hall’s website, and while some were obvious, others were not. Here’s the list, with notes, starting from Ocean Beach:

Supervisor Ed Jew – Obviously, since his district covers the Outer Sunset all the way to Ocean Beach. Also, the Board’s newest member!
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi – This is no surprise to regular readers – I’ve already noted his diligence on issues regarding the N and MUNI, most notably his successful MUNI Town Hall Meeting, which was followed up on as promised. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Supervisor Mirkarimi on several occasions regarding MUNI and N-Judah issues (and as it turns out he’s actually read the N Judah Chronicles – yay Ross!). He really listens to people about their concerns and wants to see real action, not just hot air.
Supervisor Sean Elsbernd – In an odd districting twist, there’s a section of Judah Street where if you live on the north side, you’re in Supervisor Mirkarimi’s district, but if you live on the south side of the street, you’re in Supervisor Elsbernd’s district. In fact there are several spots between District 5 and 7 that split up this way. No matter – the more representation the N gets, the better, I say!
Supervisor Bevan Dufty – Once you leave the tunnel and enter Duboce Park, the N takes a short trip through the uppermost part of District 8! Again, while not a huge portion of the line, we’ll take another Supervisor as “one of us.”
And now the drumroll for the one Supervisor you didn’t know represents a significant portion of the N-Judah line…..
Supervisor Chris Daly (!) – Yes, the same Chris Daly who was verbally harassed by a doofus driver, just like the rest of us, and well, let’s face it probably one of the most well known Supervisors in town. The N winds downtown, and on towards the ballpark, all part of his district. (Update: as of April, the N no longer goes to the ballpark, but DOES still wind through downtown…)
There you have it. Next time you’re riding the N-Judah and have an issue, you know who to write to.
Of course, in the end, we’re all citizens of this fair city, and we all should be working together to make our city work for everyone, but it helps when you’re calling to be able to say “But you do represent the N…”

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2 Responses to N-Judah Trivia Time: Which Supervisors Represent the N on the Board?

  1. Jamison says:

    Bevan just moved into a house a few blocks from the N-Judah & Duboce Park, I spaced on asking if he’ll be taking the N or one of the bus lines now.

  2. Greg says:

    @Jamison – Right on! Now we can move him into the “one of us” column!

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