Links of Interest for May 21st, 2008

If ever you thought that only a few people blog about all things MUNI, you’d be wrong. Recently I discovered some very entertaining sites all about Our Favorite Transit System, and want to give ’em a little promo.
First, there’s the MUNI diaries, which has an entertaining assortment of tales from daily life on MUNI. Notably, it has a bit about MUNI’s problems on Bay To Breakers day, and so on. It plans to have many contributors, so check it out!
Another site I just found was the hilarious MUNI Gone Wild team blog, which built a mini streetcar and keg caddy for the Bay to Breakers race. I particularly liked some of their categories, such as the Seen and Heard section and the MUNI Fashion section. I look forward to seeing their pics from B2B.
Finally, although this site is not really Sunset or MUNI related, the Mission Mission blog is a great example of a neighborhood blog, as it is entertaining and informative about the area. This post, about certain patrons of Medjool absolutely cracked me up.
If you find a blog or website that’s funny, interesting, or just plain weird, pass it along and I’ll post it in a future Links of Interest feature.

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